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Our vision is to create a network of schools that prepare and motivate our students for a rapidly changing world by instilling in them critical thinking skills a global perspective.

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The mission of Sankofa Academy Schools is to provide an academically rigorous, culturally relevant learning environment. Sankofa Academy focuses on (STREAM) science, reading, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics so that a- regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances – has an opportunity to receive an excellent education and attain the college readiness skills that ensure they reach their fullest potential and contribute to our global society.

High student academic achievement is the primary goal of Sankofa Academy Schools Inc.  Our underlying philosophy is that a rigorous, integrative, holistic curriculum, combined with the historical and cultural richness, will result in well-rounded and productive citizens.  We believe that an Holistic Education Program will provide the environment needed for many of our urban learners.

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