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Sankofa Academy Public Schools

Welcome to Sankofa Academy Public School,  our goal is to open a tuition-free public network of schools for the students of Houston, Texas. We will serve students PK4 -2nd grade, and will eventually grow the school to a full PK through 12th grade span over the coming years. .


The mission of Sankofa Academy Schools is to provide an academically rigorous, culturally relevant learning environment. Sankofa Academy focuses on (STREAM) science, reading, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics so that a- regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances – has an opportunity to receive an excellent education and attain the college readiness skills that ensure they reach their fullest potential and contribute to our global society.


Sankofa Academy Public School is founded on the unshakeable belief that every student can, must, and will learn at levels that will allow them to attend and graduate from the college of their choice. Our network of schools allows for a level of personalization that ensures every student is known as an individual. Our innovative PK through 12th grade approach is what is missing from public schools. Our approach allows for a seamless progression from elementary school to high school graduation that minimizes academic risk for a vulnerable population.

Our approach is rooted in the globally-relevant learning model for holistic education.


Our pillars are the core building blocks to a well rounded student  that is prepared for all of life’s stages.  They guide all that we do, and fuel our theory of action.

Nutrition, Health & Wellness: 

We prioritize movement, nutrition, healthy lifestyles and mindfulness.

Balanced Learning: 

A holistic learning environment that fosters rigor, curiosity and love of learning.

Language & Culture: 

An inclusive approach that fosters empathy and human connection through language and identity.

Collaborative Practice: 

An inter-connected community empowered to learn from and with one another.

College and beyond

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