Enrollment Information

Enrollment is on-going. We are currently only providing on-line or distant learning models.

Our Program

What do we offer:

  • A loving, safe learning environment where children are celebrated and respected and are instructed on Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills/Common Core per grade level.
  • African centered instruction that helps our scholars to inspire a sense of purpose
  • Small inter-generational instruction, where children, youth, adults, and elders learn and teach together.
  • Community based research and learning that get students out of the class to solve problems in the real world
  • African Centered Cultural Arts Program – Dance, drumming, Martial Arts, Visual Arts,
  • Teachers and staff who believe in children, are accessible to parents, and never give up!

Cultural Exchange Program (CEP)

Our Cultural Exchange Program allows students to participate in cultural educational trips to other countries from the African diaspora. The trips are an opportunity for our scholars to travel the world.  


Sankofa School Pledge

We are the scholars of Sankofa Academy Private School

We know and understand that we stand on the wings of giants 

We are the descendents of those who loved learning, art, music and the earth.

We take pride in our diversity and find joy in the spirit of Umoja

We respect our ancestors, our elders, ourselves, each other and our environment.

We are the SANKOA 

We reclaim our roots, so we can build a brighter tomorrow.