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Founding Board of Directors

Founding, Board President

Alieshia Baisy

Alieshia Baisy cultivates leaders through vision casting and strategic coaching. She intuitively sees the areas of opportunity that moves the needle in organizations and scholar achievement. She is a passionate leader who shares her experience to inspire action while at the same time is grounded in effective methodologies that levers the leader strengthen.

Currently, as an Education Consultant at Baisy & Co. Educational Solutions, a leadership development and coaching company, Baisy oversees the coaching curriculum and operations for the organization. She is now developing a virtual coaching model that supports school leadership teams. 

Previously, as School Leader, Baisy led IB and transformational schools throughout the U.S. During this time, she drove scholar performance rates, re-positioning her schools as recognized and high-performing in the state. Earlier in her career she rose through the ranks of KIPP Houston transitioning from Founding Teacher (KIPP Liberation) to Dean. She began her career in education with HISD at Bastian E.S. in Houston,TX.

Baisy holds a B.S. from the University of Houston in Psychology and received her Executive Leader/School Leader training through the Accelerated Institute as a Ryan Fellow. She is a proud native of Waco, TX. 

When she is not coaching leaders or running, you can find her with her three beautiful children Mario(4) , Maxwell and Ava(18 month old twins).

Founding, Board Vice President


Alan (Aswad) Walker is associate pastor of the Shrine of the Black Madonna; lecturer since 2004 in UH’s African American Studies Program; associate director of TSU’s Urban Research and Resource Center; and People Editor/Photographer for the Defender Network.     

Aswad has authored five books—The 100th Monkey: Three Tales of Spiritual Revolution (January 2013); Princes Shall Come Out of Egypt: A Comparative Study of the Theological and Ecclesiological Views of Marcus Garvey and Albert B. Cleage Jr. (August 2012), Weapons of Mass Distraction: A Other Sermons for a New World Order (September 2004), and most recently, Stand Your Ground and Annual 0-1.   

Founding, Board Treasurer

Cavanaugh Nweze

Cavanaugh Nweze is an accountant, farmer, published writer, and a nationally recognized community Leader. In 2006, While working on his Bachelors of Accounting Degree at Prairie View A&M University, Cavanaugh founded Divine Leaders, Inc., an educational and community service non-profit organization.

Cavanaugh is a Native Texan with Nigerian roots. Since completing his Masters in accounting, expanding gardens to numerous homes and Community Centers, and focusing on culturally-centered programs, Cavanaugh has earned his reputation as being an optimistic, conscious, and motivated Teacher.

As an addition to his work as a activist, Cavanaugh is the founder and Managing Partner at Nweze Financial Solutions LLC. By providing accounting and profession financial services, Cavanaugh has been able to marry his accounting and activist expertise by providing immediate economic assistance to numerous individuals lacking access to ethical financial expertise.”

Deniz Lopez

Founding, Board Secretary

Deniz ‘dee!colonize’ Lopez is Xicana artist & activist who has held position or collaborated with such organizations as MECHA, The Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement, The Word Around Town Poetry Tour, Creative Women Unite, and Voices Breaking Boundaries to bring a message of revolution, self-sustainability, & community consciousness to the forefront. The themes of her artistry include the abolition of the death penalty, an end to police brutality, empowerment of women, immigration rights, black/brown unity, Indigenous culture & history, and self mastery. 

Deniz has begun to use her extensive knowledge of community organization, administration, communication, and mentoring to become a creative consultant to many organizations and artists to help them refine their arts.

At present, she is a founding member & owner of All Real Radio LLC, where the mission is to make the world better by creating a portal to great music and relevant social commentary, and by facilitating a space for community events & awareness. 

Contact the board at Baisy@Sankofaacademy.org

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