On-Line Learning

We have all your grades covered in our on-line learning program from Kindergarten to eighth grade as we provide the finest in African Centered education.  All of the student’s work is online.  Grades are recorded online, and you can see all grades as they are recorded.  

The Sankofa Academy On-Line program provides the student an opportunity for discovery, discernment, and direction of his or her life of learning. Sankofa Academy On-Line provides a comprehensive and challenging academic curriculum that engages students and encourages them to reach for the highest in their learning. 

Our Middle Schoolers:

All of your course work is online which include your core courses of African Traditions, Language Arts/English, History, Math, and Science.  Additional electives are available for the student who wishes to take them. The normal load of courses in middle school include the five core courses.

All basic courses are two semesters, but the student will have options for some one semester electives.  Students who may be taking advanced math may take Algebra I in their eighth grade year. 

Google Classroom

Our google classroom allows for immediate feedback and opportunities to expand learning.

Student Teacher Conferences

Weekly conferences to discuss progress, misunderstandings and to gain better insight.

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Cultural Exchange Program

Summer travel programs for middle school students. The summer programs abroad include cultural insight, service, language, and a highly structured and supportive group environment specific to a middle school setting.

Let’s build something together.