Our Approach

SAPS-Dual Language Immersion:

Two-way Spanish Immersion Dual Language Goals:

  • Develop high levels of bilingualism, biliteracy, and academic achievement in both English and Spanish language for all students in grades PreK3-12th grade.
  • Achieve at or above grade level academic performance for both language groups
  • Demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors.
  • Develop a strong home-school partnership.

What is a Two-Way Spanish Immersion Dual Language Program?

Two way immersion is a unique language learning experiences. Two languages, Spanish and English, are used for instruction. Two groups of students come together to learn Spanish and English simultaneously. One group of students are classified as English speakers or come from a home that does not speak Spanish; this is an optional, enrichment program. The other group of students are Spanish speakers or come from a Spanish speaking home and qualify and are entitled to bilingual education through our dual language program model. The class is composed of 50-60% of students who qualify for bilingual education services and the other 40-50% will be English speakers or students who speak a non-Spanish language at home. We also welcome multilingual students into our program. Being a part of this program requires a long-term commitment in order to see the maximum benefits.

6 Dimensions of Holistic Education

Sankofa Academy Public Schools, Inc. uses the 6 Dimensions(6D) of  Holistic Education. Our 6D framework is an innovative, balanced, culturally relevant, and age-appropriate framework for all students. Our approach is specifically designed to increase academic achievement with urban learners from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade.


Learning is personal and education should be, too. Sankofa Academy Public Schools  is committed to meeting students where they are academically, socially, and developmentally. We nurture positive student growth through an innovative holistic approach to education. Our program is design will close the achievement gap and ensure that each student can reach their full potential. Our collaborative, projects-based learning approach encourages, speaking and listening . Our project based learning approach allows for learners to take ownership of their own education and learning path. Our program culturally relevant and rigorous which activates a deeper level of learning


Through a variety of modalities including visual arts, music and performing arts, we give our students a platform to explore their creative side. Our students are talented and need the opportunity to cultivate their passion. Our holistic education framework provides our learners with an opportunity to express themselves artistically.


Our framework provides students with equitable opportunities and sports participation provides a great opportunity  for our scholars to excel . Providing a space for students to participate in sports in schools teaches students athletes to how to work together collectively. This is an essential skill for the competitive global marketplace.


Our embedded leadership program focuses on entrepreneurship and developing the skills to be a great leader. Students are provided opportunities to create, develop and implement a business plan during elementary, middle and high school. Our interactive student leaderships skills lessons help students grow in confidence and speak passionately and authoritatively on subjects of their interest.


Our emphasis is not just academic excellence, but we also nurture our students emotionally and spiritually through active promotion of universal activities and student values. We are guided by the concept of global zeal.  Global Zeal are specific elements like peace mindfulness and respecting the environment.  Included in our curriculum we encourage activities like yoga and meditation. We teach students to respect themselves, respect others and always respect the environment. . We emphasize learning about different cultures, geographies, histories, and current issues of all the world’s regions.  Our students develop skills to engage with their global peers and become prepared to be citizens of the world.


Community Social Justice:  Through a comprehensive program, we give our students a chance to be out and about in the community.  Students  participate  in community service and grass root community causes suchs as green initiatives and conservation of resources are some of the methods we encourage our students to develop their emotional and spiritual well-being and student care.

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