Our curriculum

African Centered Focus

The African Centered Curriculum Model developed by Sankofa Academy incorporates state-mandated objectives with an African centered perspective.  The model incorporates multisensory activities to meet the needs of all learners. The curriculum design model is divided into traditional grades and each grade is given an African tribe.   Each nine-week quarter students analyze each tribe through culture, art, history, and ancient spiritual practices. Through our curriculum, students will develop a working knowledge of the tribe through literature, mathematics, and science.

For younger students, an important component of their education process is to allow them to directly engage with their learning through hands on projects. The act of learning through hands-on activities helps to activate their brains in a way that is beneficial at this early age.  Children ages 4-8 years of age tend to experience the world and learning as a part of a big experience. With that in mind, Sankofa Academy has developed a curriculum for students that integrate the subjects and focus on meaningful, engaging activities. Academic skills are woven into these larger learning experiences, where students explore them as a natural part of their day to day life.

How it Works

Sankofa Academy recognizes a child’s need to touch, talk, listen, and move while learning at an early age. The combination of our project-based curriculum and direct instruction sets young children up for an experience that nurtures their innate love of learning.

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Sankofa Academy Project Based Learning Model

Academic coaches play an important role in supporting and guiding students. Our weekly lesson plans coupled with supporting literature books, science experiments, math manipulatives, and geographical exploration, students are able to move through their lessons and grasp concepts through a hands-on approach to learning.

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