Remote Learning



Our pick when you want to start school and we will get your books and daily lesson planner ready to ship to you.

We will set-up your school year when you enroll and have given us the start date. While we have a school year that goes twelve months since students can start anytime…we do include the traditional holidays in your school year.  While you can do school work any of those days, it does mean you can take breaks at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays we have and you are still on track to finish in 180 school days. 


SANKOFA Academy has taken the guess work out of doing the lesson plans to finish your school year on time.  Each subject in all grades has our own SANKOFA Academy Daily Lesson Planner.

The Lesson Planner as followed at the home will ensure you meet the typical 180 school-day as often required by most states. As the home teacher you can focus on teaching while having confidence in both your African Centered curriculum and the Lesson Planner that it will keep you on schedule with meeting national standards.

Program Overview

Sankofa Early Childhood Program PK-Kindergarten

Learn to read with the phonics and reading program in kindergarten.  Learning about numbers and various operations will be a part of your kindergarten day.

Elementary School

1st-5th grade

Ready now for a fuller day of studies moving into first and second grades. Using a project based learning approach the day will be a time of fun and exciting learning.

Middle School

6th-8th grade

You are now having fun being in Middle school as you start in sixth grade and move on through to eighth grade.  Your studies will continue to prepare you for your next step beyond middle school.

Let’s build something together.